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USCOM 1A - Ultra Sonic Cardiac Output Monitor

The Gold Standard USCOM suprasternal Doppler ultrasound Hemodynamic Monitor has an important role in the diagnosis and management of sepsis in adults, maternal, children and neonates. Non-invasiveness, accuracy, reproducibility and no consumables make USCOM the logical tool for improving care in this increasingly important condition.

USCOM is a valuable, quick and easy device to use which enables physicians to resolve hemodynamics and guide fluid, inotropes and vasoactives and provides a simple, non-invasive method for identifying cardiovascular disease and managing heart failure, fluid optimization, hypertension, sepsis and shock.

Measures can be obtained from either the left (aortic valve) or right heart (pulmonary valve). Stroke Volume, Flow Time corrected, Stroke Volume Variation, Cardiac Output, further their Index respect to the Body Surface Area, and, with the input of blood pressure, Systemic Vascular Resistance, and with the imput of saturation and hemoglobin, Oxygen Delivery are calculated. The Smith Madigan Inotropy Index is a new and unique measure of cardiovascular function and contractility.

Fields of application include: Emergency Department and Rapid Response, Neonates-Children and Adults Intensive Care, Anesthesia (Pre and Post-operative assessment), Obstetrics (Preeclampsia), Cardiology, Post Cardiac Surgery.
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